Saturday, October 20, 2007

“Kick you on you’re A*S’’ Is India really changing right way?

Last week I was there in a gift shop.
A 15-16 year’s old girl along with her mom came in and trying to finalize a gift.
After hearing their talk for about 5 mints I was impressed as I found they are good educated and contributing to the changing India.
The girl got a decent look and she had a very clear speech pattern accomplished with a US accent.

I was totally impressed the way she was talking……

The girl liked a table clock and asked her mom….

Girl : Mom I need this clock

Mom : You have one in you bedroom so why you need this.

Girl : I liked it.

Mom : So what….wasting of money isn’t it ?

Girl : I don’t care I want this means I want this.

Mom : NO

Girl : Get me else “I WLL KICK YOU ON YOUR A*S” .

Mom : Laughed and they left the shop.

This small conversation made me think again and again “Is India really Changing right way ???

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